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The Rich Use To Buy Annuities...

Including Step-by-Step Techniques For How To Re-Design Your Retirement Portfolios So That It Can:

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Stop Losing Money: No more market risk affecting your retirement income.

Never Run Out of Income: Even if you liquidate your portfolio balance to ZERO over the years for income purposes, you can still recover some of your original lump sum principal.

Increase Your Income: Imagine inflation-protected income that automatically gets bigger over the years without reducing your principal balance.

Reduce Your Taxes, reduce or even eliminate taxes on retirement income, and the money you wish to leave to heirs.


Why do the Rich seem to get much better results using annuities than most typical investors?

Because most typical investors just take what the annuity company gives them, while the Rich know

how to use annuities within a financial plan that can greatly tip the scales in their favor.

It’s True – And Now That Same Knowledge Can Be Yours… 

Would you like to have a better understanding of annuities and how to use them correctly in retirement?

Are you frustrated from other websites offering “boiler-plate” information about annuities, but without any real substance or practical advice that you can actually put to use and benefit from right away?

Are you tired of so-called “advisors” trying to sell you annuities or other investment products and calling it “financial planning”?

Now you too can learn the specific techniques the Rich use to buy annuities so the “good parts” are magnified in their favor, while the “bad parts” can be reduced or even eliminated entirely – and the best part is that these powerful techniques can be used with almost any type of annuity that is on the market today!

It’s Time to Let Us Help You Make An Informed Decision…

Get Your 7 Free Lessons on the

“The Strategies The Rich Use to Buy Annuities”

These 7 Free Lessons are packed full of helpful tips and useful advice about annuities and retirement income planning techniques that you can start benefiting from immediately.



Lesson #1 – Annuities 101: All the basics you need to know about fixed, variable, indexed, and immediate income annuities – what they are and how they work.

Lesson #2 - The Safety of Fixed Annuities, learn about the multiple “safety nets” you get with fixed annuities, and why even in this unpredictable economy, fixed annuities from a reputable insurance company can still offer one of the best safety track records of any financial product over the past 150 years.

Lesson #3 – Confessions of An Annuity Agent, learn how annuity agents really make their money, and how to spot which one are just out to sell products for commissions, and which ones are out to truly provide legitimate solutions to their clients’ needs.

Lesson #4 – The Ultimate Checklist For Interviewing a New Advisor, there are dozens of problems, frustrations and pitfalls that can occur when finding and hiring a personal financial advisor or investment company. We have compiled a list of 30 questions for you to drill the companies that you are considering and help you to make the best buying decision for your future.

Lesson #5 – Why Most Income Plans Fail During Retirement, understand why most conventional methods for generating income during retirement fall short of meeting your needs, and how you can fix it once and for all.

Lesson #6 – Reduce Taxes With Annuities, learn practical planning techniques for how annuities can potentially increase your income and reduce your taxes at the same time, including lowering or even eliminating taxes on your Social Security and other sources of retirement income.

Lesson #7 – A Better Annuity Strategy: Case Study, learn exactly how to create safe, predictable income for life that keeps getting bigger over the years without ever reducing or forfeiting your nest egg’s principal balance. This one is a MUST KNOW for anyone looking for security and peace of mind throughout retirement.

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