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The Retirement Planning Institute is the place to turn for information, planning strategies, and the support you need to retire with confidence.

A Few Words About The Retirement Planning Institute

The Retirement Planning Institute exists to give you a place to turn for the retirement planning information, strategies, and education you need to properly prepare for a secure and comfortable retirement.

Today, more people are heading into retirement than ever before in the history of our country.  And yet, for many, this is also the most uncertain time in our country’s history as well.

When planning for retirement there are many things to consider and important decisions to make.

You may be wondering…

"When should I take Social Security?”
“How will I replace my employment income when I retire?”
“How should I invest my money?”
“How do I reduce my tax burden?”
”How do I ensure my money lasts as long as I do?”
The Retirement Planning Institute exists to help answer those questions and more.

The Retirement Planning Institute exists to help answer those questions and more.

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The Retirement Planning Pillars

Income Planning

When you are considering retirement, the first question you will  likely ask is, “How will I replace my earned income in retirement?”  While you may assume you will live on some combination of Social Security and Investment Assets, what you may not realize is the impact, both on the amount of income you’ll receive and the length of time your assets will last is largely dependent upon several factors.

Tax Planning

When preparing for retirement, many Americans make the mistake of assuming there’s nothing they can do to lower their tax burden.  However, knowing which sections of the tax code apply, and how to use them to your advantage, can mean tens of thousands of additional dollars in income over the course of your retirement.  If you know which tax planning strategies to employ.

Social Security

Social Security is a foundational income stream to any secure retirement plan.  You would need hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings to generate the same income it will pay you over your lifetime. Many retirees opt to take Social Security as early as possible, however it is a much more complex planning issue and one that deserves time and attention if you want to maximize your benefits.

IRA Planning

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are very unique investment vehicles.  The IRS has allowed you to accumulate money for retirement in these “Qualified Accounts”  – without paying taxes on the gains along the way! When you take money out however, the IRS will be there to collect their share.  The good news is, there are strategies to help minimize these taxes keeping more of your hard earned assets in your pocket and out of Uncle Sam’s!

Investment Planning

Investment strategies shift dramatically during retirement.  After all, you no longer have the time you once did to “make up the losses.”  Many who retired in 2008 suffered tremendous stock market losses, some as much as 50%, leaving them no choice but to return to the workforce, or risk running out of money in retirement. Implementing strategies to manage investment risk in retirement is paramount to a secure retirement.

Estate Planning

You may assume estate planning is only for the ultra wealthy, however nothing could be further from the truth.  Estate Planning ensures that at your passing; your wishes are carried out, probate is avoided, taxes are minimized, and your assets are transferred to the people, causes, or charities you care for most.  There are also many important aspects of healthcare, and end of life planning to consider and decide so someone else doesn’t have to decide for you.

Your First Step Towards a More Secure Retirement

The Retirement Planning Institute provides the educational resources, planning strategies, and support you need to retire with confidence.

While many today are retiring and hoping they have enough to last their lifetimes, our goal is to equip you with the resources you need to ensure your income and assets last as long as you do – and longer.

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